Research and Development

A perfected process that is intended to create new and improved technology that can provide a competitive advantage at the business industries and national level.

Product Design

Design engineering services that work to optimize the user experience for the solutions made for our customers.

Product Manufacturing

Production of goods by hand or machine that upon completion is ready to be sold.

Our Approach

At Taylor-Mania Industries we provide world class solutions to problems that can be solved through the advancement in consumer and enterprise technology. At our company, we design, build, prototype, and patent new technologies that will fulfill consumers' needs while revolutionizing the tech industry. This company is a state-of-the-art example of engineering Research and Development that possesses the best imagineers, equipment, and machines.

Our Philosophy

If one can imagine an idea in his or her mind, then he or she can hold that object in his or her hands. At our company, nothing is unachievable through imagination, planning, preparation, and execution. This company is growing exponentially because of the value that it brings to the marketplace.

Featured Products

Our Services

Engineering Consulting

We provide oversight in product development of both private and public companies. This oversight includes process management, idea organization, product design, fabrication, branding, and marketing.


We aid our clients in conducting a comprehensive patent search. Its key your invention meets the required patenting criteria. We can assist you in the development process or make suggestions. Once completed, we file the actual patent application.

3D Printing

We offer a wide variety of 3D Printing services to our clients. Our 3D print manufacturing is extremely strong, highly accurate, and has a surface finish that makes them ideal for mechanical testing and production.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We offer Computer Aided Design services to our clients. Our engineers develop the designs based on the technical requirements provided by our clients.

Our Insights

Meet Our Team

Ronald Taylor

Materials Scientist and Engineer, BSE

Tony Mania

Real Estate Development, Business Management

Mark King

Materials Scientist and Engineer, PhD

Julia Brown

Materials Engineer, MSE

James B. Lee

Architect, Business Management